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Meet Our Team

Claire Cao

Executive Director

Claire was born and raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia. At Penn, she majors in Marketing and Business Analytics and minors in History. As a lover of comedy, activism, and writing—all of which she hopes to combine in her work one day— Claire prioritizes people in all she does. Having grown up near the City of Brotherly Love, she finds connecting with others, whether it be coworkers or clients, to be central to her identity. Claire has been a part of Compass Marketing since her freshman fall and particularly enjoys working in a small team!


Andrew Mak


Andrew was born and raised in New York City. At Penn, he is planning on double majoring in Economics and Political Science. He has a passion for investing and is interested in learning more about business administration. Andrew is also passionate about the outdoors; he loves to embark on new adventures with his friends and loves to take risks. He is eager to continue learning more about the Penn community, create long-lasting friendships, and live up to Penn's work hard, play hard mentality. His Compass Marketing career began during his freshmen fall, and he is looking forward to working with his team in the upcoming years. He is excited to contribute to this diverse and dynamic team and engage with the many clients to bring products and services to the Penn community.


Keshav Ramesh


Keshav was born in New York City and raised in South Windsor, Connecticut. At Penn, he is studying in the Huntsman Program in Business and International Studies, where he will be concentrating in Finance in Wharton and International Studies in the College of Arts and Sciences, with a minor in Mathematics. Given his interests in public sector management consulting and international finance, Keshav aspires to tackle the world’s most pressing economic and social issues through quantitative, data-driven solutions and his passion for problem-solving. With Compass Marketing, he hopes to pursue creative innovation and engaged citizenship while working side-by-side with fellow team members on various client-facing projects.


Lizzie Guan


Lizzie Guan is a freshman from Suburban Philly studying at Wharton. While she is undecided on her concentration, she is interested in management, social impact, and consulting. In addition to Compass Marketing, she is also involved in Wharton Dean’s Advisory Board, Penn International Impact Consulting, Consult for America, PennSEM, and Wharton Women. In her free time, she enjoys exploring the city, watching films, playing card games, and listening to music!


Michael Li


Michael was born in Michigan but currently lives in upstate New York. At Penn, he studies Communications and Economics, hoping to enter the retail industry. As an ex-campaign strategist, he enjoys following electoral politics and political cartoons. He is also an avid Kanye fan and would be more than happy to debate which album is the best (spoiler alert: it’s Graduation). Michael started with Compass Marketing in freshman fall and is particularly interested in exploring how he can use guerilla marketing tactics to amplify the reach of products. He is excited to work with the Compass Marketing team, PSA, and clients to market quality products to the quality students at Penn.


Naya Majeed


Naya was born in Chicago, but grew up in Wyoming and Utah. At Penn, she is interested in studying finance and marketing. She loves trying new restaurants, traveling, and spending time with friends and family. She has been part of Compass Marketing since her sophomore fall and is excited to work with the rest of the team to provide innovative marketing solutions to clients!


Rachael Patterson


Rachael was born in Ghana, West Africa but currently lives in Chicago, IL. At Penn, she studies Finance and Business Analytics. She is really interested in start-up culture and the intersection of business and technology. She loves traveling, meeting new people and trying new things. She has been part of Compass Marketing since her freshman fall and is excited to interact with clients and learn new marketing techniques. She loves the dynamics of the Compass Marketing Team and the PSA organization as a whole!

Stella Hung


Stella was born and raised in the beautiful Honolulu, HI. At Penn, she is pursuing her curiosities by studying Cognitive Science with a minor in Consumer Psychology. While her passions lie in dance and music, she also loves to be in nature and is always seeking new adventures. She joined the Compass Marketing team during her Sophomore fall and is excited to work with a team of creative and passionate individuals. By learning new marketing techniques, she is eager to apply her creativity and facilitate relationships to make a positive impact on Penn’s community and beyond.


Valeria Germanova


Valeria was born and raised in the beautiful Varna, Bulgaria. At Penn, she is planning on concentrating in Marketing & Business Analytics. She is in Wharton, but certainly does not identify with the snake-y stereotype, as her personality is quite the opposite - she always enjoys meeting new and inspiring people, taking long walks, spending time in nature, listening to good music, and having deep conversations. Vali has been playing tennis (just for fun!) for more than 10 years and is always down to hit with fellow amateurs. Her Compass Marketing career began during her freshman fall and she is very much looking forward to what the next four years will bring about. She is eager to contribute to a dynamic team and engage in client communication, as well as in marketing great products and services to the community.

Merrick Eng


Merrick was born and raised in New York City. At Penn, he studies business analytics and management. With a keen interest in entrepreneurship, he loves creating products and businesses to leave a lasting impact. Merrick is also a passionate food-connoisseur who loves to experiment with new flavor combinations in the kitchen. He loves to meet new people, build team dynamics, and engage with clients! He has been a part of Compass Marketing since his freshman year and loves the close-knit team.

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